orx  1.10
Portable Game Engine
orxConfig.h File Reference
#include "orxInclude.h"
#include "math/orxVector.h"

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#define orxCONFIG_KZ_RESOURCE_GROUP   "Config"


typedef orxBOOL(orxFASTCALL * orxCONFIG_SAVE_FUNCTION) (const orxSTRING _zSectionName, const orxSTRING _zKeyName, const orxSTRING _zFileName, orxBOOL _bUseEncryption)




orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_AppendListString (const orxSTRING _zKey, const orxSTRING _azValue[], orxU32 _u32Number)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_Clear ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_ClearSection (const orxSTRING _zSectionName)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_ClearValue (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_CopyFile (const orxSTRING _zDstFileName, const orxSTRING _zSrcFileName, const orxSTRING _zEncryptionKey)
orxDLLAPI orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_DuplicateRawValue (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxConfig_Exit ()
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetBool (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetCurrentSection ()
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetEncryptionKey ()
orxDLLAPI orxFLOAT orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetFloat (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetKey (orxU32 _u32KeyIndex)
orxDLLAPI orxU32 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetKeyCount ()
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetListBool (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS32 _s32ListIndex)
orxDLLAPI orxS32 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetListCount (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxFLOAT orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetListFloat (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS32 _s32ListIndex)
orxDLLAPI orxS32 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetListS32 (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS32 _s32ListIndex)
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetListS64 (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS32 _s32ListIndex)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetListString (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS32 _s32ListIndex)
orxDLLAPI orxU32 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetListU32 (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS32 _s32ListIndex)
orxDLLAPI orxU64 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetListU64 (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS32 _s32ListIndex)
orxDLLAPI orxVECTOR *orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetListVector (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS32 _s32ListIndex, orxVECTOR *_pvVector)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetMainFileName ()
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetOrigin (const orxSTRING _zSectionName)
orxDLLAPI orxSTRINGID orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetOriginID (const orxSTRING _zSectionName)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetParent (const orxSTRING _zSectionName)
orxDLLAPI orxS32 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetS32 (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetS64 (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetSection (orxU32 _u32SectionIndex)
orxDLLAPI orxU32 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetSectionCount ()
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetString (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxU32 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetU32 (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxU64 orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetU64 (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetValueSource (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxVECTOR *orxFASTCALL orxConfig_GetVector (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxVECTOR *_pvVector)
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_HasSection (const orxSTRING _zSectionName)
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_HasValue (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_Init ()
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_IsCommandValue (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_IsDynamicValue (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_IsInheritedValue (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_IsList (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_IsLocallyInheritedValue (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxBOOL orxFASTCALL orxConfig_IsRandomValue (const orxSTRING _zKey)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_Load (const orxSTRING _zFileName)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_LoadFromMemory (orxCHAR *_acBuffer, orxU32 _u32BufferSize)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_MergeFiles (const orxSTRING _zDstFileName, const orxSTRING *_azSrcFileName, orxU32 _u32Number, const orxSTRING _zEncryptionKey)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_PopSection ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_ProtectSection (const orxSTRING _zSectionName, orxBOOL _bProtect)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_PushSection (const orxSTRING _zSectionName)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_ReloadHistory ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_RenameSection (const orxSTRING _zSectionName, const orxSTRING _zNewSectionName)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_Save (const orxSTRING _zFileName, orxBOOL _bUseEncryption, const orxCONFIG_SAVE_FUNCTION _pfnSaveCallback)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SelectSection (const orxSTRING _zSectionName)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetBaseName (const orxSTRING _zBaseName)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetBool (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxBOOL _bValue)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetBootstrap (const orxCONFIG_BOOTSTRAP_FUNCTION _pfnBootstrap)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetDefaultParent (const orxSTRING _zSectionName)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetEncryptionKey (const orxSTRING _zEncryptionKey)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetFloat (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxFLOAT _fValue)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetListString (const orxSTRING _zKey, const orxSTRING _azValue[], orxU32 _u32Number)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetParent (const orxSTRING _zSectionName, const orxSTRING _zParentName)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetS32 (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS32 _s32Value)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetS64 (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxS64 _s64Value)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetString (const orxSTRING _zKey, const orxSTRING _zValue)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetStringBlock (const orxSTRING _zKey, const orxSTRING _zValue)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetU32 (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxU32 _u32Value)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetU64 (const orxSTRING _zKey, orxU64 _u64Value)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxConfig_Setup ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxConfig_SetVector (const orxSTRING _zKey, const orxVECTOR *_pvValue)

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