orx  1.14
Portable Game Engine
orxBODY_DEF Struct Reference

#include <orxPhysics.h>

Data Fields

orxFLOAT fAngularDamping
orxFLOAT fInertia
orxFLOAT fLinearDamping
orxFLOAT fMass
orxFLOAT fRotation
orxU32 u32Flags
orxVECTOR vPosition

Detailed Description

Body definition

Definition at line 112 of file orxPhysics.h.

Field Documentation

orxFLOAT orxBODY_DEF::fAngularDamping

Angular damping : 32

Definition at line 119 of file orxPhysics.h.

orxFLOAT orxBODY_DEF::fInertia

Inertia : 20

Definition at line 116 of file orxPhysics.h.

orxFLOAT orxBODY_DEF::fLinearDamping

Linear damping : 28

Definition at line 118 of file orxPhysics.h.

orxFLOAT orxBODY_DEF::fMass

Mass : 24

Definition at line 117 of file orxPhysics.h.

orxFLOAT orxBODY_DEF::fRotation

Rotation : 16

Definition at line 115 of file orxPhysics.h.

orxU32 orxBODY_DEF::u32Flags

Control flags : 36

Definition at line 120 of file orxPhysics.h.

orxVECTOR orxBODY_DEF::vPosition

Position : 12

Definition at line 114 of file orxPhysics.h.

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