orx  1.14
Portable Game Engine
orxThread.h File Reference
#include "orxInclude.h"
#include <semaphore.h>

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#define orxTHREAD_GET_FLAG_FROM_ID(ID)    (1 << (ID))
#define orxTHREAD_KU32_FLAG_NONE   0
#define orxTHREAD_KU32_MAIN_THREAD_ID   0
#define orxTHREAD_KU32_MASK_ALL   (((1 << orxTHREAD_KU32_MAX_THREAD_NUMBER) - 1) & ~(1 << orxTHREAD_KU32_MAIN_THREAD_ID)) /* Mask all (for orxThread_Enable) */


typedef orxSTATUS(orxFASTCALL * orxTHREAD_FUNCTION) (void *_pContext)


orxDLLAPI orxTHREAD_SEMAPHORE *orxFASTCALL orxThread_CreateSemaphore (orxU32 _u32Value)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxThread_DeleteSemaphore (orxTHREAD_SEMAPHORE *_pstSemaphore)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxThread_Enable (orxU32 _u32EnableThreads, orxU32 _u32DisableThreads)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxThread_Exit ()
orxDLLAPI orxU32 orxFASTCALL orxThread_GetCurrent ()
orxDLLAPI const orxSTRING orxFASTCALL orxThread_GetName (orxU32 _u32ThreadID)
orxDLLAPI orxU32 orxFASTCALL orxThread_GetTaskCount ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxThread_Init ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxThread_Join (orxU32 _u32ThreadID)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxThread_JoinAll ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxThread_RunTask (const orxTHREAD_FUNCTION _pfnRun, const orxTHREAD_FUNCTION _pfnThen, const orxTHREAD_FUNCTION _pfnElse, void *_pContext)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxThread_SetCallbacks (const orxTHREAD_FUNCTION _pfnStart, const orxTHREAD_FUNCTION _pfnStop, void *_pContext)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxThread_Setup ()
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxThread_SignalSemaphore (orxTHREAD_SEMAPHORE *_pstSemaphore)
orxDLLAPI orxU32 orxFASTCALL orxThread_Start (const orxTHREAD_FUNCTION _pfnRun, const orxSTRING _zName, void *_pContext)
orxDLLAPI orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxThread_WaitSemaphore (orxTHREAD_SEMAPHORE *_pstSemaphore)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxThread_Yield ()

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