orx  1.14
Portable Game Engine
orxMath.h File Reference
#include "orxInclude.h"
#include "debug/orxDebug.h"
#include <math.h>

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#define orxCLAMP(V, MIN, MAX)    orxMAX(orxMIN(V, MAX), MIN)
#define orxF2S(V)    ((orxS32) (V))
#define orxF2U(V)    ((orxU32) (V))
#define orxLERP(A, B, T)    ((A) + ((T) * ((B) - (A))))
#define orxMATH_KF_2_PI   orx2F(6.283185307f)
#define orxMATH_KF_DEG_TO_RAD   orx2F(3.141592654f / 180.0f)
#define orxMATH_KF_EPSILON   orx2F(0.0001f)
#define orxMATH_KF_MAX   orx2F(3.402823466e+38F)
#define orxMATH_KF_PI   orx2F(3.141592654f)
#define orxMATH_KF_PI_BY_2   orx2F(1.570796327f)
#define orxMATH_KF_PI_BY_4   orx2F(0.785398163f)
#define orxMATH_KF_RAD_TO_DEG   orx2F(180.0f / 3.141592654f)
#define orxMATH_KF_SQRT_2   orx2F(1.414213562f)
#define orxMATH_KF_TINY_EPSILON   orx2F(1.0e-037f)
#define orxMAX(A, B)    (((A) < (B)) ? (B) : (A))
#define orxMIN(A, B)    (((A) > (B)) ? (B) : (A))
#define orxS2F(V)    ((orxFLOAT)(V))
#define orxU2F(V)    ((orxFLOAT)(V))


static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Abs (orxFLOAT _fOp)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_ACos (orxFLOAT _fOp)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_ASin (orxFLOAT _fOp)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_ATan (orxFLOAT _fOp1, orxFLOAT _fOp2)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Ceil (orxFLOAT _fOp)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Cos (orxFLOAT _fOp)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Floor (orxFLOAT _fOp)
static orxINLINE orxU32 orxMath_GetBitCount (orxU32 _u32Value)
static orxINLINE orxU32 orxMath_GetNextPowerOfTwo (orxU32 _u32Value)
orxDLLAPI orxFLOAT orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetRandomFloat (orxFLOAT _fMin, orxFLOAT _fMax)
orxDLLAPI orxS32 orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetRandomS32 (orxS32 _s32Min, orxS32 _s32Max)
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetRandomS64 (orxS64 _s64Min, orxS64 _s64Max)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetRandomSeeds (orxU32 _au32Seeds[4])
orxDLLAPI orxU32 orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetRandomU32 (orxU32 _u32Min, orxU32 _u32Max)
orxDLLAPI orxU64 orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetRandomU64 (orxU64 _u64Min, orxU64 _u64Max)
orxDLLAPI orxFLOAT orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetSteppedRandomFloat (orxFLOAT _fMin, orxFLOAT _fMax, orxFLOAT _fStep)
orxDLLAPI orxS32 orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetSteppedRandomS32 (orxS32 _s32Min, orxS32 _s32Max, orxS32 _s32Step)
orxDLLAPI orxS64 orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetSteppedRandomS64 (orxS64 _s64Min, orxS64 _s64Max, orxS64 _s64Step)
orxDLLAPI orxU32 orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetSteppedRandomU32 (orxU32 _u32Min, orxU32 _u32Max, orxU32 _u32Step)
orxDLLAPI orxU64 orxFASTCALL orxMath_GetSteppedRandomU64 (orxU64 _u64Min, orxU64 _u64Max, orxU64 _u64Step)
static orxINLINE orxU32 orxMath_GetTrailingZeroCount (orxU32 _u32Value)
static orxINLINE orxU32 orxMath_GetTrailingZeroCount64 (orxU64 _u64Value)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxMath_InitRandom (orxU32 _u32Seed)
static orxINLINE orxBOOL orxMath_IsPowerOfTwo (orxU32 _u32Value)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Mod (orxFLOAT _fOp1, orxFLOAT _fOp2)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Pow (orxFLOAT _fOp, orxFLOAT _fExp)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Round (orxFLOAT _fOp)
orxDLLAPI void orxFASTCALL orxMath_SetRandomSeeds (const orxU32 _au32Seeds[4])
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Sin (orxFLOAT _fOp)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_SmootherStep (orxFLOAT _fMin, orxFLOAT _fMax, orxFLOAT _fValue)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_SmoothStep (orxFLOAT _fMin, orxFLOAT _fMax, orxFLOAT _fValue)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Sqrt (orxFLOAT _fOp)
static orxINLINE orxFLOAT orxMath_Tan (orxFLOAT _fOp)

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